About Peeping Thom

Hi, why the fuck you’re reading this and not wanking over the VR porn I just uploaded is beyond me, but if you’re really interested in who I am and how I get to play with all these amazing women, then here goes.

My name’s Thom, and I have the most boring middle management job in the world! Not a great start I know, however It does mean I travel a lot and the upside of this is It keeps me away from my even more boring, fucking home life! I’ve spent hundreds of nights away, wanking myself into oblivion over big tit porn or paying escorts to come to my room for an hour or two of filthy sex.

I’m very average and I guess, if you’d walked past me in the street you wouldn’t even notice me. My friends, who haven’t got a clue I’m doing this website say I’m also a cocky fucker and will pretty much flirt with any woman that even shows the slightest interest. This approach actually seems to work for me, god knows why but it does. I’ve fucked women I just met in supermarket’s, shagged a bridesmaid just before she walked down the isle and even had a blowjob from my postwoman.

I often thought it would be amazing to be able to relive the experience virtually, like a VR voyeur, but up until recently the videos always looked more like teletex for the 80s. I was hardly going to get off to that!

Now the technology has caught up, I can finally film all of my filthy exploits with the dirty sluts I meet and share them as if you were there with me, a full filthy immersive experience but you don’t have to deal with all the small talk and bullshit.